Be My (Body) Guest

A multi-media aerial circus performance incorporating 360-degree video, point of view video and live streaming

21st May 2018, Brighton Spiegel Tent

Be My (Body) Guest considers contrasting audience perspectives of the female aerialist, exploring notions of the gaze through live aerial performance, 360-degree video, point of view video, projection and live streaming. This practice research piece was inspired by the participant pilot study where participants were proud of what their bodies could achieve rather than how the look and the idea of doing something for yourself rather than being watched.

The Be My (Body) Guest performance took place at the Brighton Spiegel Tent 21st May 2018 produced by the University of Brighton as part of their AHRC-funded research project XR Circus which explored new methodologies to support new and diverse immersive and interactive performances using the 250th anniversary of circus as a stimulus and focus. This University of Brighton and Kings College London project was supported by Driftwood 360, Without Walls, Seachange Arts, Freedom Festival Arts Trust and Lighthouse Arts.