Bending Over Backwards

A solo contortion and aerial hoop performance as part of the social circus group B.Collective's Friday show

2nd June 2018, Brighton Spiegel Tent

The solo contortion piece Bending Over Backwards provided a physical consideration of Harris’ idea of the ‘can-do girl’ (2004) and the female body as participating in late modernity as part of a 40-minute group performance piece based on working in an office, a tongue in cheek, playful and comedic show including group dances, character work, narrative, aerial and contortion performances.

The Bending Over Backwards performance was part of social circus group B.Collective’s BandBazi ‘Friday’ show, performed in Brighton 2nd June 2018 in partnership with Brighton & Hove City Council and Irene Mensah, directed by Alfa Marks, produced by Philippa Vafadari, starring Juice Orange, Kellie York, Sita Yegba, Aisling Child, Carolyn Watt.